Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feeding my Vanity: Ultrapeel Day

I underwent Ultra Peel procedure today. It's a procedure wherein the dermatologist performs several applications of 10% TCA on your problematic areas. The skin will peel by itself for several days resulting to a lighter, smoother skin surface.

And where are my problematic areas?.... dark underams and elbows! ha!ha!

Dark underarms are mainly caused by shaving and using deodorants that contain harsh ingredients that can darken the skin. I've been doing these for several months...years now... and so I have to face the consequences ...dark underarms!!!!!!!

Ideally, laser hair removal is the recommended procedure to solve the problem of constant shaving, plucking or waxing. But of course, if you can't have the laser treatment, then waxing or plucking is the next best thing. And because I'm super lazy(!!!!!), I just resorted to the easiest thing to do...shaving! So guys...take it from me...don't shave!!!! ha!ha!

And for the deodorants or anti-perspirants, I've always been trying out new products that would suit me...Even those with "glutathione" which they say can lighten the skin....but I see no change at all!!! So now, I'm going to use Milcu underarm powder as recommended because it doesn't have any additional harsh chemicals or fragrance that can darken the skin.

Now, if you're using Milcu but has a problem with excessive perspiration, I also have a solution for that but that's another blog entry! :)

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