Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jjajang Bokki

I've always been fascinated with korean food ever since I got addicted to korean TV series. And a handful of these TV series that I watched always mention jjajangmyun. I tried looking for instant jjajangmyun in the groceries and this is the closest I can find...

Jjajang Bokki is a noodle dish with thick sauce made up of a salty black soybean paste. Koreans seem to enjoy eating this in the TV series I've watched but I don't. Perhaps I should just try this in authentic korean restaurants rather than eating the instant noodle version. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Genelyn Sandaga

I wonder why Genelyn Sandaga decided to upload videos of herself singing... Is it because she wants to be a comedienne or she really thinks she's a damn good singer?????  Whatever the reason is, she is definitely getting all the attention these days from netizens.

Just Give Me A Reason... I watched this video when it had only 27,000 views and 300 subsribers. And now, just after a few days, the video has reached 300,000 views and 2,700 subscribers. Genelyn, IKAW NA! haha


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