Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hooked to Entrepreneur

I got another copy of Entrepreneur magazine today. I've been hooked to this magazine since November of last year. Since then, whenever I pass by a magazine store, I would always look for more back issues. There's always some interesting stuff to read in each copy. I'm not a business course graduate so the articles are really helpful to me because I also plan to put up my own business someday. Actually until now I still don't know what business I'll put up. I want to go into the franchising business because it's less risky but then I read about other success stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch and I get inspired to follow their footsteps..ha!ha! Anyway, whatever road I choose, hopefully I'd be successful also like them.


  1. i used to collect Entrep mags, n stop lng when i worked abroad...very helpful on my MBA papers...

  2. I love Entrep magazines too. It inspires the business mind in me ;)



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