Monday, August 31, 2009

How Old Is Old?

It seems like a simple question but it's a tough one to answer.

I don't know if my thoughts make sense, but here they are....

I think age is just a number. Saying that a person is old actually depends on which perspective you are looking at. A 10-year old girl may say that her 20-year old sibling is old but her 20-year old sibling may think otherwise.

So what does getting old means to me? For me, it means being more stable in life, being more sure of yourself and not succumbing to the usual peer pressure because you've reach the point in life that you already know who you are. You've gone through so many experiences and struggles but you hurdled them all and learned from your mistakes. Getting old means simply a state of contentment... of looking back at your life...reliving memories....appreciating life.

Thanks to my cyber-buddies, RORS and VIVAPINAY for the tag.

I'm passing this tag to mocalyn, anna, shie, realm and yuuki.


  1. this tag is really fun.. i also enjoyed answering the question :D

  2. hi sis! thanks for the tag...

  3. thanks for the tag sis, already took part answering this interesting question here ...



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