Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres as 4th Judge in American Idol

I got depressed when I read the news that Paula Abdul didn't renew her contract in American Idol. I thought at that time nobody can replace her. But now I'm okay since my fave Ellen DeGeneres was chosen to be American Idol's 4th judge. Yipee!!! She's a fan of the show to the point that she always interviews not only the winner of the show but also the contestants that get booted out. She's super funny so I hope she'll be able to give out wacky, crazy but inspiring comments to the contestants.

Video clip: Ellen announces the Big News in her show!


  1. I think that Ellen would be a great judge because she has a good humour, and she's a natural comic. She also has a heart, so it will be a good balance with the disgruntled british guy. LOL. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. i agree with riza... :D plus, ellen will add up to the entertaining moments! hahaha



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