Friday, September 18, 2009

I wanna be an entrepreneur!

This was i-wanna-be-an-entrepreneur day for me! ha!ha! I spent my idle moments at work looking at entrepreneur magazines...getting inspired by all the success stories....hayyy! If only I can have a business of my own too.

Yesterday I was actually contemplating on selling organic beauty products in bazaars for this coming Christmas season but now I changed my mind. And that's me....fickle-minded most of the time!!!I guess my indecisiveness will be the cause of my downfall as an entrepreneur someday! ha!ha!

As of now, I've decided to just get a franchise since I don't have any business background and I think this would be easier rather than starting on my own. And since I love siomai so much, might as well go into the food business like Siomai House or Red Ninja Dimsum. I actually have an idea where to put these stalls. But now the problem is... where will I get the money to start my business? Hmmm...HELP!!!


  1. hi sis! i share the same sentiments as yours. :) i wanna have a business!!! :D kaso, i still don't have the time pumunta dun sa QC to get a franchise. :(

  2. I like Master Siomai than Siomai House because of the chili garlic. :)

    Ako rin I like food cart business. :)



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