Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Skin Regimen

Out of the blue, my sister suggested that I change my skin regimen this morning. Probably it's because I've always complimented that her skin has become more radiant and clearer now. So to help me in my quest for finer and blemish-free face (ha!ha!), she instructed me to use the following:

1. green transparent soap with salicylic acid to clean my face
2. Nuderm Supreme Lightening Clarifiance Toner - 2x a day
3. Clindamycin Solution - 2 x day
4. Nuderm Dermage 0.05% cream - at night

Of course, she also reminded me to always wear sunscreen everytime I go out. Right now, I'm using Floxia cream which is both a sunscreen (with SPF 50) and skin tint.

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