Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glee Project Episode 6 and 7 Preview

Episode 6: Tenacity (Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby)
I didn't expect Marissa to get booted out this week. But I'd rather see her go than Cameron. When you think about it...there are other pretty girls already in Glee so I don't think she can offer something new. Alex, on the other hand, stayed because of his talent. But in terms of attitude, I don't find him endearing or loveable.
Before this episode, I never thought that getting slushied was a big thing. But when I saw how the cast reacted, i thought it wasn't a nice thing to experience after all.
Damian looked cute in the video. Cameron acted his usually self of course...geeky! :)

Episode 7: Sexuality (Teenage Dream) Preview

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