Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Look Good In Family Photos

I was browsing through the March 2009 issue of Reader's Digest and I came across this interesting article which I would like to share with you guys and gals! :) I think this one will be a big help to those who are fond of taking pictures and uploading them in their blogs!

The article is entitled " How To Look Good In Family Photos" written by Maya Zahran. The tips were taken from image consultant and author, Clare Maxfield.

Here are her tips:

For the face:
1. To reduce the double chin effect, stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you smile.
2. Keep your chin down for a flattering line. And tilt your head slightly for a more friendly and flirtatious look.
3. Say cheese. It opens your mouth to a natural smile.
4. Natural make-up is best. Rich, shiny lip-gloss can make lips appear large.
5. Have the photographer stand above you so your chin is naturally facing down and your eyes widen.

For the body:
1. Hold your elbows out from your body.
2. Give your body a slight twist. Turn your feet away from the camera and bring your body around from your waist for a slimmer and shapelier look.
3. In terms of clothing, medium-tone colors are the best and don't wear clothes with too many patterns.


  1. hmm... im a lil skeptic about that tongue thing when smiling...

    LOL, i tried to do it while reading your post and i don't think there was much of a difference when i looked at myself in the mirror :D hehe, i better try it out in camera shots, huh?

  2. wow! thanks for these tips! hehe! :)



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